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Book Recommendation:

I’ve probably read over 200 books in my life. Many of which changed my life and my perspective of what we are here to do. There are so many good books that might help us understand more about any chosen topic.

I’ve decided to make my first recommendation a series of 4 books written by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

If it interests you how the mind creates reality, these 4 books might really impact your life in the best way.

  1. Evolve your brain
  2. Breaking the habit of being yourself
  3. You are the placebo
  4. Becoming supernatural

I’ve read these books in a time of my life where all I wanted was to seek knowledge about how we create our own lives and why we feel lost sometimes. I wanted to know what our purpose here is and how we can shape our reality in a way we feel content with.

These 4 books teach you powerful tools to change your life – for the better.

Universal consciousness is evolving fast, and you will feel like you’re getting left behind if you don’t at least reach out to the answers of what this reality is and how you are in control of creating everything in your experience.

Dr. Joe explains in such a clear and understandable way how science and quantum physics comes together. He will open your mind to change yourself, heal yourself and manifest the life you want for yourself. Once you start reading, you’ll only want to know more and more. And once you are conscious about something, you have control over it.

Do yourself a favor, read these books – and fall in love with your life!