About V-Line


It began as a dream, a simple idea in her mind. Yet, that’s not where it originated; this desire of a profound kind. Born and brought forth from the deepest center of her Heart, Through fashion and fitness and feeling may come the fruition of her art. The founder and finder of this elaborate creation, didn’t even realize what she was holding in her hands, in her heart when she began this calibration. Ready!

She is ready to share her ideas on a greater platform, to indulge in her curious creativity on a larger scale. There is no hiding her true intentions, for she wears her heart on her sleeve as you wear her sleeve on your heart. She carries your cloth around to cleanse it and make it sound, and only brings it to your doorstep once the fibers have been blessed with every piece of her Love.

Potent potions of pure inspiration fill up the screens of her virtual pages, while powerful positions of comfort and stitches fill up the catalog found through the back door. Enter her backyard with a pinch of salt and trade solemnly in the vibratory conquest. Enter the storefront with anticipation and strive to grasp the limits of each seam and structure, seeming to be endlessly shapeless.

Embedded into every garment; every thread treads through time and space to become one with the whole. Treading on the mill, she was walking for miles with bigger growing smiles as she kept concentration in line with each line. Each line of vibration, each line in creation; virtual lines, victorious lines, valuable lines of exponential expansion. Every line in her all but linear loom has been weaved together by her holographic hands, holding the healing that has heaped up in her heart over hundreds of lives, from infinite hives of collective quests.

Woven into perfection, her determination and collaboration sewed forth, knitted and intertwined, all her magnificent ideas aligned. Aligned, allowing for her purpose to become vivid. As vivid as her vixen spirit, as vital as her voluntary verdict, as vicious as her vastness. She may have caused some madness, as her Love is a maze. Amazed, she stares at this progression of her conceptuality becoming a reality and it’s all a craze.

What can it be about?
Beyond the obvious, obtrusive, observable object.
Further than fashion and fanciful facades.
Exceeding external, exterior exercises, experience and extremities.
It is actual, it is transparent, it is kinetic, energetic.

A movement through timescales and landscapes and portals of high stakes towards an inevitably bigger tale. She wonders what it will all entail. The consequence of her benevolence, the maleficence of her confidence, she wishes for you to be entranced and drenched in her transparence.

She sees you, she loves you, she is you and that’s why she knows you. And that’s why she owes you what your body desires, what your mind desires, what your Soul is bursting to boast about.

That’s what V’s line is all about.