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Seeking Soundness

One can feel the difference between a seeking mind and a sound mind.

A seeking mind feels lost. Trapped in obscured obstacles that keep moving and changing form; from real to unreal, from solid to lucid, from left to right.

It is always wondering: “Am I on the right path? Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? Did I make the correct decisions on my journey?”

A seeking mind never finds.

A seeking mind obsesses over every instant observation of itself; “What am I thinking?” Every train of thought is clouded with virtual vapor, so as to hide its own invisibility. The seeking mind is always on the train, searching for dangers and hazards aboard that could pose a threat to its existence.

The seeking mind knows it is ‘en voyage’ without a valid ticket. It is just riding the tracks through every stop, never disembarking at any station – except to jump onto another train. “This one must be going to the right place! To the place that I am seeking; a haven, a safe space, a better place than here. A better place than where I am now.”

And somehow, caught off-guard, off-cart and between the tracks, the seeking mind collides with a glimpse of a sound – the sound mind. But the seeking mind finds itself disappointed when the sound mind enters. For the sound mind answers only in silent whispers; “You will never find what you are seeking, whilst you are seeking. The place you chase is not a real place – you will not find it outside or in space.”

The sound mind holds the seeking mind in its embrace.

But the seeking mind cannot see this, the seeking mind can only seek it. The seeking mind feels alone, out of place and doubtful. It knows that it will only ever be seeking the sound of the found mind. The sound mind is the found mind. It is the saved mind.

The sound mind is silent because it is what the seeking mind seeks.

It is the mind that shows what the seeking mind subconsciously knows; that the sound seeker should stop searching in order to hear the silence – that the sound can only be found in the silence. And that the sound mind is one with the seeking mind, for the seeking mind is the sound one’s behind.

The sound mind feels the fears of the seeking; it feels also the freedom of the found. The sound mind knows that the seeking after is a driving factor of all creations, a key component to the algorithm of its own existence.

The sound mind knows it is both seeking and found.

Thus, the sound mind feels the infinite search fulfilled.