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Everything is

Everything comes from everything, and will become everything else again.

This goes on forever and ever, eternally.

This way, everything lasts.

You may think, “but what about things that don’t actually last, like food, for instance?”

So, does the food simply disappear when you eat it?

Of course not – it lasts (as its own little part of everything, even if just for a while). Then it becomes a part of you and everything that makes up you.

Until it gets taken apart and combined with other particles within your body, to create new structures that are then used to support other functions; resulting in more new things which then gets expelled in some form or another into the air and the outside world, colliding again with a new system and thus transforming again into another new combination of itself and the circumstances with which it is presented.

Everything lasts.

Everything is also an infinite dimension on its own.

Everything exists eternally.

“Yet, what about a thought? Once you’ve thought it, it goes away.”

Yes, it goes away; it also doesn’t just disappear. It simply goes back into the dimension of its own existence until you call upon it again, if you ever do. But even if you don’t, someone else might be calling upon it too; and even if they don’t, it is always ‘there’ to be thought.

Everything exists within everything else, and nothing can ever be separated.

We think we create new things or ideas, but truly all we ever do is put everything together and take it apart again.

That is how we are ever creating and evolving from everything and back into everything else again.

And we do this endlessly.

That’s how everything is.