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Tell Me Something

Tell me something, babe
Do you know your own Name?
Tell me something, hey
How do you play your own game?

Because I can only see
What’s in front of me
But that doesn’t tell me anything
About Who you truly are

So, tell me
Who are you when you are alone?
Your true personality
Who are you when you are on your own?
Who are you when there is no one to see
You express yourself shamelessly?
Who are you when no one’s around?

Do you even know that by now?
Cause if you take a look around
You will see
Mirrors everywhere
But it won’t make sense out there

Tell me something, friend
Do you know your own end?
Tell me something, bud
Do you know you are God?

Because you can never see
What is meant to be
Until it happens so relentlessly
To show you Who you are.

So, tell me
Did you know that you are God?
It’s not in your memory
Did you know that God is All we are?
Did you know that you are One
With Infinite Love.
Do you know Who you are?

Just look inside your Soul
Every chance you took
Has brought you to this
Moment Eternally
And that’s all there will ever be.

Tell me something, hun
Do you know we are One?
Tell me something
I don’t know…