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And so, you come to the end of your day, get into bed and before you close your eyes and drift off to the greatest escape from reality, you realize you’re all alone. Truly alone. Not lonely, just alone. And this is the grandest trigger of remembrance — who are we? Who am I? What are we doing here? What is my purpose? These questions come to mind and they want answers. So, instead of asking these questions, most people subside them and choose to think about how their day was, what they could’ve done differently, what highlighted their ego, what made them happy, why certain things bothered them, what kind of person they were and who triggered them to behave in the way they did. Most people relive their day in their mind or seemingly dream about tomorrow and what they want to do. Maybe they’re stressed, maybe they’re excited. Fact is, people think too much about things that has no purpose after all, things that don’t put the mind to rest, whether it’s a good or a bad thought. Well, some people don’t even reminisce much and just fall asleep as soon as they hit the covers. Isn’t it important to say thanks to the mere fact that you lived through another day? Isn’t it at least important just to calm your mind before drifting from this reality to another, to ask the bigger questions and be patient enough to listen to which answers come up? This is the only time most people have from their busy days to just explore who they really are, and still that opportunity passes them by most nights. I can tell you that once you realize how much that voice in your head is controlling your life, you will start to talk to it and ask it the questions you want answers to. And it will come. Maybe not the first time, but eventually you will realize that who you are is not that voice. Who you are is not the you who just lived through another day. You will come to see that you indeed are truly alone, because nothing really belongs to you, that reality is also just another dream in the 3rd dimension and once you fall asleep you enter another reality in a different dimension of life. And you remember that the reason you are here is merely for an experience of being a human in this lifetime, to have and create whatever humans can. We are conscious beings, that means we can live through total awareness and if that is possible for us, it must mean that nothing is impossible for us. And only when the mind gets quiet, you hear no voice anymore and remember that without that voice you’d have no ego, without ego you won’t be separated, and without separation you won’t be able to have experience as what is left then, is just to be one, to be whole, to become a part of creation itself. And so, humanity is awakening to exactly what we are, which is pure consciousness and use that to create a better life for ourselves consciously. Because only when you’re conscious enough to know that you are a conscious participant in this universe, will you be able to control that mind that talks to you in your head and will you live through it as an observer of it, instead of associating yourself as it. The universe only exists to you because you are alive and conscious and can live this life as you’d wish. Without your conscious participation the universe ceases to exist — for you. Now you see how important you are as part of creation.