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The Spirit World

The Spirit World
Is calling me.
It says
They need my energy
There is an intergalactic emergency
With a precise position
Where they need me to be,
At the forefront
Of vibrational reality.
Now my Spirits are lifted
I feel it emotionally,
As I become aware
Of my Entire Eternity!
I bring Them here
To roam round freely,
The Boundless
Have stayed indefinitely
To assist in the shift
Occurring globally.
Yet, I hear Them shout
As they keep calling me
To the Spirit World
The doorway is me!
I am unraveling
Till Soul is All I see
To serve the Ascension
Of this Humanity.

Even Jesus said:
“Stop living religiously”
And Buddha agreed:
“We will die Peacefully”
The devil, the Darkness
Could be seen so clearly
With no evil in them
Their Love shines visibly;
It’s just their shadows
That made them seem scary.
Yet, at Their Core
You will only find Purity,
The energy realm
Can never grow weary
Even death is simply
A form of recovery…