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Check Yourself Out!

Check it out, here you are, observing the ‘Check Yourself Out’ checklist.

This checklist is an exercise of awareness for whenever you feel like your external reality has taken over your mind, body or Soul. Which, let’s be honest, can never truly occur. Though, it is possible for us to allow ourselves to fall for the illusions we’ve created, because it’s just too sweet a feeling to re-emerge from what we thought was real. To re-awaken from the dream.

So, next time your reality feels more like a nightmare, just take a deep breath and…

Check Yourself Out:

  • I am breathing
  • I am aware
  • I am alive
  • I am aware that I am alive
  • I know that this isn’t real
  • I know there is a deeper reality
  • I keep breathing…
  • I am not my thoughts
  • I am not even my mind
  • I am not my body
  • I have a body
  • Where is my body?
  • I can feel my toes
  • I can feel my fingers
  • I can feel my breath
  • I can feel my Heart
  • My Heart keeps beating
  • I can feel myself
  • I can feel myself relaxing
  • Check me out, chilling out
  • I am checking me out
  • I am choosing me now
  • I am choosing new thoughts now
  • I am choosing
  • I am
  • I am …

Continue to expand your awareness, to check yourself out wherever and whenever your attention is being called to.

Remember that no one can ever be as invested in your experience, as much as you are. No one else is hearing your thoughts, feeling your emotions and encompassing your body. No one else can check you out like you can.

Only you can truly ‘check yourself, before you wreck yourself’.

(I couldn’t avoid adding this quote – it’s just too relevant)


As you continue to create your own reality, your own unique experience and expression of Soulful Love & Life, try creating your own personalized checklist to connect to yourself on an even deeper level. Use this and any other methods of checking yourself out to remain in your highest state of awareness, as much as you want, as much as you choose.

Because you choose.