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Free your mind

Our world, lives, days, and hours are all made of vibrations. It’s all, an infinite number of powerful, and beautiful waves of energy floating around us. None of them we see, but all of them we feel. They’re around us, everywhere and anywhere. Inside of us, in every cell of our bodies. I never knew how much of a strong believer one day I’ll be, to understand and accept that we are the Source of all the energy that vibrates in this massive and magical universe. And since we’re that, whatever we pulsate out to the world, will just have to come back to us multiplied. It’s a magical scenario that not many can comprehend. But it’s our mission to open their eyes. We have the strongest tool in our possession – our minds and thoughts. They’re the gates to another dimension, if we just let them vibrate and elevate to that extent. We are the Source of everything. We are the past, the present and the future. We are the now and the. We are the masters of our fate.