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The Great I Am

Because I am the great I Am…

I am at a loss for words when I attempt to write about Soul. So, I ask my Soul to reveal Itself in this writing, that I may compose a worthy argument on Its behalf. Though, is it ‘I’ who am writing this? Or is it my Soul? Is it my personal desire to write a few passages about Soul, or is it Soul through me, expressing Itself? Is it God guiding my fingers with each stroke over the keyboard or am I doing this of my own volition? Do I even have my own volition, or is God’s will my will?

I don’t claim to know a thing about what I am choosing to discuss, though the discussion flows through me like a river running down a mountain. Rather like an avalanche, the words fill up my page as I breathe in between the pauses, feeling the flow redirect itself towards where it wants to go. Where it wants to go. Not where I may want to lead it. This is the flow of energy, of pure information moving from my deepest Self through the concepts of time, language and technology straight into your sense of sight. Into your sense of understanding, reconnecting with your awareness in whichever state you may find yourself at this moment.

You are from my perspective, but from yours, you say ‘I am’. You are reading about sweet Soul. I am writing about pure Source. I cannot discuss what cannot be named, though we have named It in too many different ways. In too many different words. As if to create a holy labyrinth through which we must find our own meaning. When I say Soul, what do you hear? What do you read when you see the letters appear? What is Soul to you? Who is God to you? And then, who are you?

To me, I cannot separate Soul into descriptive definition. I am Soul. I cannot express Soul without expressing God. I am Soul. I cannot express God without the awareness that ‘I am’. Soul is that: I am. God is that: I am. Don’t be afraid to say it, because you are that; I am. You are Soul. You are Source. You are God, the Ultimate Creative force. So, when you wonder ‘what is Soul’, then Soul is what you wonder. When you think ‘I am confused’, then Soul is that confusion. When you ask who am I, then I am is who you are.

You are not a thing; you are not a thought. You are simply Being, are you not? When you are Being, you are being God. And I am. I am is what you are and you are what you say ‘I am’. Remember that ‘I am’. Allow yourself to be who you truly are by saying ‘I am that I am’. Attach only what you want to feel to those words ‘I am’. You are so powerful in your creative ability that whatever you place after the words ‘I am’, you are. You become what you say you are. You become what you think you are. That is Soul. That is Source. That is God.

If you know that which you truly are, dear Soul, then you know that you are incredible! Incredulous as it may seem, you are the Source of your Being. You are the creator of all that you feel, of all that you hoped was real. When All that is real, is you. Then you have the ability, the option, the choice to create whatever you want to experience as real. As real as life feels, as real as reality and solidity becomes when you touch an object, smell a flower and taste a fruit; that is how real your Creative power is. How real you can make things.

I am the Great I Am, also you are the Great I Am. And so it is.

Aum so hum…