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Deceiving Mind

The mind is very deceiving.

It can either be the voice talking or the one hearing the voice.

Your true essence is the being that hears the voice. But 95% of the time you associate yourself as the one talking. You think that what you are thinking is coming from you and you listen, regardless of what is being said. You start to become whoever that voice tells you you are.

Now, when you stay in meditation and give the mind time to settle down and to get quiet. You realize something powerful. You realize that you don’t need to surrender to your thoughts, you don’t need to suffer your mind. Because you can actually create the thoughts you’d like to hear. In that moment of stillness, you confirm that you are the creator. That you are both the talker and the listener. You start to create a space of awareness for your own mind to serve you instead of letting it control you in a way you don’t agree with.

Now most of us don’t make time for meditation so most of the time we forget that we are in control. We self-destruct because we feel powerless. It is only when we stop focusing on the world outside that we notice the one inside. Once again, when we become aware of something, we have control over it; so we can start taking our power back.

Quiet your mind. Create that space of awareness. Take back that control and start allowing your mind to be your friend. You will start living your life inside-out and the outside will not matter or have the energy to rule you, and who you are. The outside will become a clear result of what you have been creating from inside. Be the one who hears that voice and talk back to it in a way that gets you closer to your highest self.

You are both. But both is one. And one is all. And all is you.