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Expectations: Poem

We expect.
Then we regret.
We forget.
Then we reset.
We project.
Then we see it’s not perfect.
This way to live is not correct.
We need to reconnect.
We need to redirect.
We need to accept.
To respect.
The unknown future is better than the one we’re trying to predict.
We’ve been tricked.
We’ve been too strict.
Until it clicked.
Life without expectations will never disappoint.
You’ll be lost until this moment becomes the focus point.
Let go of the past.
For it has already passed.
Let go of the future.
For it might never be there.
Stay in the present.
It’s your antidepressant.
It will always be pleasant.
Always transparent.
Your power lies here.
It contains no fear.
No lies to hear.
You’ll feel so near.
To your highest self.
To God himself.
You’ll excel in your health.
Within every cell.
You will be well.
And time will tell.
You’ve been under a spell.
There is no hell.
Nothing to expect.
Every moment is perfect.