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Fasting is a difficult subject to talk about because not many people have experienced it or even tried to research the benefits and what exactly it does to the body. Now, I’m no scientist and I’m probably not the person to trust on the hardcore medical aspects of this subject; but I do have my own experience with it and I’ve done quite some research regarding this topic .

Fasting, for me, is a fast way to get realigned – physically, mentally, and spiritually. No wonder the name we gave it.

The easiest way for me to explain how I view fasting, is to think of it in terms of how the body, mind, and soul works.

The body needs food to survive. However, humanity has become so abundant in producing food that we are at a point in time where the unconscious over-consume or eat for pleasure, and the conscious can literally control their food intake to the number. This contrast creates the space to learn that food is substance and without substance the body needs to readjust and create its own mechanism of survival . When you give the body time, it will automatically do everything to heal itself in order to be able to survive for as long as possible without food intake.

Now, the science behind fasting proves many benefits including detoxification, anti-aging, regeneration, improving insulin sensitivity, increasing production of human growth hormone and many more. When starving the body, it will create a process on its own, to get rid of everything inside the body that it doesn’t need for survival. It will start its healing journey, because no energy or external factors will cause a disruption of what the body can do, instinctively . The longer you explore your fasting journey, the better the communication between your cells will become and this results in an optimum utilization of energy inside the core of your being.

The communication between the neurons in your brain also becomes clearer. Even the thought-patterns that are not serving you for necessary survival will start to disappear, because if you use energy on things unwanted, you won’t have enough energy to think thoughts that make you feel grateful for being alive (those kind of thoughts that add more energy to your being).

The energy all throughout your body will rise and you will start to listen more clearly to what your heart is trying to tell you. This will result in a more purposeful feeling, and you will automatically have more thoughts and feelings of gratefulness. Regarding my perception of fasting; it is a great tool to use for those times when I feel like I’m drifting off my true path, or to reset my body-baseline fast. Or just to reconnect with myself in a way where my energy feels good and my mind strong.

Be sure to do your own research before attempting any kind of fasting journey.