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The Central point of energy in our solar system. He gives rise to the creation of the planets that we call family, and to the creation of life on the planet we call Home. The Earth would not be, were it not for the Sun that created her.

From ancient tribes to modern spiritual lingo, we refer to the Sun as male and the Earth as female. It’s no coincidence that in traditional concepts of the human family the man holds the provider and creator energies, whereas the woman presents the preserver and transformer energies. In the same way the Sun provides the light, heat and ultimately the essence or energy that the Earth requires to thrive with abundant life. The Earth preserves this energy not only by allowing her conscious strands of plentiful fluff that covers the bare lands to photosynthesize the solar energy into molecules of energy, but also by converting that energy into movement, functions and structures that last for decades. The formation of all created materials on our planet’s surface and beneath had been due to the reactions between the power of our Star and the solidity of this celestial body.

It is not surprising to notice that as society evolved into a God-fearing civilization, so too, they developed a fear of the Sun. We grew up being taught only of the dangers and precautions of the sun, losing almost complete touch with its intense light. But if the light of the Sun is the reason life is even possible on this planet, then it should be that light that we embrace when we rediscover that we are a part of this living Universe. Why should we fear that which gives us life, that which gives us light and the necessary energy in order to be?

When we understand better the purpose of the Sun in our environment, in our ecosystem and habitat, we can better grasp the benefits that we may be turning down when we choose to deem our artificial light more important than the natural body of light we can find right outside. The sun is the precursor to all energy-filled beings and things on our planet. It is what should be seen as the top of the food chain; not from a predatory perspective, but from a granting point of view. The sun grants the planet the energy from which to create fuel, through plants and other micro-organisms. Animals then consume this energy by consuming the plants.

It’s pretty logical then, to say that allowing animals to bask in the light from the sun must result in some sort of energy-exchange. As case studies continue to increase, we are learning of the benefits that the sun may have for us as humans. Knowing now, that we are as much energy as we are physicality, we realize that the sun vibrates on a frequency that balances and restores our own innate energies. There is still a lot to discover in the connection between our own light-bodies and the body of light in our stellar system, but there are a few discoveries that have already been made.

The most obvious benefit of sunlight exposure is so overused that you’ve probably already whispered it in your mind; enhancing the production of vitamin D in the body. But that’s not even scratching the surface of what sunlight can do for us; which includes advantages like killing bacteria, reducing blood pressure and cancer risk, strengthening our bones and even improving our sleep quality. The sun also triggers our brains to release more serotonin, the hormone related to a better, calmer and more joyous mood. From a more vibrational standpoint the sun is vital when considering the clearing and cleansing of our chakra systems. As we bath in the radiance of the daylight, these waves penetrate our physical body and reaches deep into our energy-centers to restore the natural outflow of the beams of our own personal light, our essence and vitality.

There is also an increase in scientific studies being done using photo-luminescent bio-ceramic (PLB) materials, which is matter/material that can absorb photons (light particles/energy) and then release it in the form of light – think of it as a USB stick for light – to uncover the effects of light energy on certain medical conditions. One such study was done using the Ryodoraku meridian points of the body. The current or energy-flow of 24 meridian points known as the Ryodoraku meridian points were measured. Subjects with abnormally high and low currents were then exposed to PLB
on the specified Ryodoraku points that were identified as abnormal. After just fifteen minutes of exposure the meridian energy-flow was measured again and the result was a normalization in these currents. This means that light influences the meridian energy currents in a positive way, which suggests that the associated organs will also be affected in a similar way.

Instead of signing up for some photo-luminescent bio-ceramic experiment to figure out what else pure light energy can do for our health, we might as well just seize the summer sun and expose ourselves directly to the ultimate source of this warm, loving light energy.