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The early bird

Yes, yes, and yes! The saying is true; the early bird indeed catches the worm.

How many times can you remember that you’ve told someone that you don’t have time or there is not enough time in the day. There is an answer to getting everything done that needs to be done, the question is, are you willing to set your alarm earlier?

I’ve come across many people in my life who always complain about time, no time to exercise or no time to do proper planning; my response is always…. You NEED to make time, there is ALWAYS time, you are just not willing to go the extra mile to make time to achieve your goals or to finally finish your to do list. It’s easy to make an excuse, but excuses waste more time, unfortunately. You need you ask yourself the following… are you forever going to be the person who thinks and tells everyone there’s no time?

My top tips for “getting it done”:

1. Wake up earlier…. There’s something magical in getting up in the morning before the world wakes up. You immediately have a head start and can do so much before your day starts. If working out or going to the gym is something that you want to do daily; go, go before the sun rises, go rise and shine! It helps A LOT when you can tick something off your to do list before 7 AM.

2. Time management is very important, you need to know what needs to get done and by what time. This way you won’t waste time on one thing before continuing to the next.

3. Prioritizing is key. Certainly not everything in your week needs to get done in one day. Make sure when you plan your week you set deadlines for your tasks.

4. Be prepared and PLAN. There’s nothing worse than going into the day without being truly prepared for what’s to come.

Side note, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ – this is one of the reasons why Benjamin Franklin’s face is still printed on the $100 bill; he knew how to plan ahead.

Always remember, nothing truly happens from “wanting” you actually need to start “doing”

D xx