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Essential Oils with Soul

As Soul is the lifeblood of all living beings, essential oils are the lifeblood of plants. They contain highly concentrated amounts (one drop of oil contains approximately 14 million-trillion molecules) of chemical constituents that have intense healing properties for the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Though these physical components and powerful molecules are tangible, they surely do influence the intangible parts of ourselves. As they do not only affect and alter our mental and emotional states, when combined and used properly, they also speak with vital energy to our spiritual nature.

Every cell that makes up the body, is conscious and fully encompassed by the Soul. Thus, when we enter healing on a cellular level, we also entice healing on the spiritual level. When we compare the cellular structure with that of the larger individual being, we can say that the most external part of the cell (the cell membrane) represents the body, whereas the core of the cell represents the Soul; everything in between can be likened to the Mind.

When we enter the process of Soulful or holistic healing, we first need to cleanse the outermost being – the body. We do this by detoxifying, treating the causes of disease and strengthening the structures of the body. Once the body is being cleansed, the mind automatically follows, meaning that the healing has gone through the external barriers towards the interior of the cell and/or Being. According to South African healer, Lechi van Rooyen, we cannot enter healing of the spirit without penetrating the exterior of the cells of the body. Only once the surface is pure and open, can we diffuse amelioration into the core of the cells, into the core of ourselves.

The most powerful tool we have to use in our emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical healing, is the conscious breath. However, in today’s vastly evolved world of things and medicines, we may often need something ‘real’ to touch, to hold and to feel, in order to truly seize our healing experience. If the mind is still too closed-off to the spiritual nature that enables it, something more palpable is needed to give the individual that much needed nudge towards wholeness and alleviation.

Oils are ancient medicines used by apothecaries, witch doctors and even sorcerers. There is a rise in awareness of the medicinal uses and benefits of essential oils as natural healers and healing methods are growing in popularity. When going beyond the curing of ailments and restoration of the body and mind, we enter the dimension of Soul. Even though Soul can never not be ‘whole’, the individual can become separated from that wholeness within his/her own spirit/self. This is where we add the magical and miraculous potential of essential oils.

Assuming that some level of basic curing and caring has already been applied to the body and mind, here are two of the most profound essential oils and plants that have carried their reputation throughout the ages and eons. These two plants are not just potent and powerful in their own right, but explode in magnificent possibility when they are combined.




Myrrh – the oil of the Mother

There are so many records and testimonies of the various medicinal uses of myrrh oil, including but not limited to the reduction of aging symptoms, promotion of oral, digestive and respiratory health, support for hair, skin and nails; treatment of any blood/heart related and genital diseases. It is an anti-poison medication and can be used as a natural anesthetic.

However, the more interesting uses of this oil is on the intangible side of the spectrum, relating to mental, emotional and spiritual applications. Myrrh is known to be used to relieve feelings of guilt, grief, shame, loss, abandonment and uncertainty; though these are simply emotions, when they are not allowed to pass through in the rightful timing, they may cause deeper distortions which often manifest as diseases and psychological dysfunction. On a more uplifting note, myrrh is also utilized for its properties of bringing about grounding, clarity, safety, security, nurturing and truth. It has long been involved when giving blessings or anointing sacred buildings.

Myrrh allows us to embrace the divine feminine energy within us, regardless of our gender and is said to be linked to the goddess Isis, of protection and magic, who brings in both nurturing and integration. For these reasons and because of the dual essence of myrrh, it becomes a superior aid in any spiritual intentions and activities. The duality of myrrh oil/resin refers to its ability to anchor one, whilst raising their consciousness. It casts out negative energy, thus providing protection, while also opening the dimensions of higher vibrations.

Some formidable experiences that may greatly benefit from the addition of myrrh may include astral travel, lucid dreaming and other dream-works, receiving guidance and wisdom beyond one’s own reaches, enhancing pleasure and the perception of abundance, connecting with Gaia (mother Earth) and extreme chakra balancing considering that it influences both our base (first) and crown (seventh) chakras. Any other forms of meditative, sleep and recovery exercises will also gain vigorously from this alchemical substance.

Frankincense – the oil of the Father

Often revered as the King of the Oils, frankincense holds a strong masculine energy. Because of this weight it puts on the male side of the scale, it allows us to reconnect with the divine masculine, restore relationships with men in general and the yang energy within. Though frankincense is a highly heavenly, and traditionally popular oil used over centuries in magical, religious and spiritual rituals, it is also a renowned medication for a major range of illnesses and ailments of the body.

One of the reasons frankincense is so intense in its ability to heal such a vast multitude of bodily infractions, is because almost every single ailment/disease known to man is caused by some type and degree of inflammation. Hence, frankincense is a flawless anti-inflammatory. Amongst many other attestations, frankincense has been proven to alleviate and/or cure cancerous disorders, Alzheimer’s, dementia, emotional disruptions, mental illnesses, DNA damage, digestive afflictions, skin problems and pigmentation as well as undesirable aging effects. It’s a super supporter of the nervous, immune, digestive and exocrine systems.

Moodiness, loneliness and the sense of neglect can also be treated with frankincense as it opens the mind, allows for mindfulness and the feeling of embracing where and who you truly are. Supposedly, it may also possess the necessary energy to invoke the telepathic and psychic abilities of the human mind. The oil of the Father is significantly essential when meditative, calm, honest and blissful states are being pursued since it also removes any impulses to lie, deceive and be woeful, pessimistic or negative.

As frankincense raises one’s vibration, it also establishes balance and enables clarity of purpose and direct focus, which allows one to stay true to the path of transformation and enlightenment. It is said to bring ‘the blessings of the gods’ as it enhances opulence, abundance and advantageous fortuity. Frankincense is known to cleanse, bless, sanctify and purify you, your space and your possessions. It may amplify the occurrences and accuracy of visions and dream states, since this oil engages with the Heart and crown energy centers. Replacing concern with sensations of gratitude and an awareness of one’s worthiness and fortune, this oil magnifies spiritual awareness and the ability to channel source energy.







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