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Just One More

My obsession regarding the “one more” mindset when having a fitness based lifestyle, is that the “one more” motivation technique that I use daily, actually hourly, applies to so much more than just doing “one more rep” or “one more set”. It is the absolute idea of just giving something that you are doing or wanting to do, just a little more time, patience and (hopefully) another chance. For an example, starting with a new training program, a new job or anything that is different or “new”, something that is a bit more challenging than what you are used to. Give everything and anything in life one more push, one more pull, one more day, one more week, eventually you will adapt to the habit of NEVER GIVING UP, whether that is applicable to your fitness and health journey or your career, it does not matter, because having a powerful mindset and a “mind over matter” attitude as your first line of defense is golden and so worth it.

There are days when it just so easy going for that run, or stopping at the gym after work and achieving my step goal was not even a challenge, but then I also get my days where going to gym, starting my warmup, starting the first exercise and then finally finishing the whole program was a constant battle with my mind to just do ONE MORE, and guess what, I always end up doing more than I thought was even possible for me on that specific day.


My advice is the following:

Show up and never give up. Something is way better than nothing. Consistency is key. Last but definitely not least, having a well-balanced lifestyle in terms of socializing with friends and family, making time for yourself and others, celebrating your achievements, eating well and nutritious food and to always be kind to everyone around you, that same people that breaths the same air as you will definitely insure that you absolutely smash your fitness, health and life goals every single day.


Remember, most of the time you don’t even see or realize how far you have come. That is why it is critical to pause, take a moment, re-assess and forget (for just a moment) how far you still want to go and just enjoy the moment when you se HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME ALREADY.