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Top Tips for reaching your step goal.

Firstly, let me explain to you why certain people can achieve 15 000 step per day without trying and other people cannot even reach 5 000, but both are going to the gym or living an active lifestyle daily.

For some people it is very easy to achieve on average 10 00 steps per day, think about your occupation. Do you have an office job? Sitting behind a desk for 8 hours of the day? Or are you a teacher, hairdresser or anything that requires you to stay on your feet for most time of the day. That’s the key difference for some people reaching step goals and others that don’t.

If you are reading this and still wandering why a step goal is so important, let me help you out. Yes, it is true, our bodies are burning calories even when we are sitting or even sleeping. It needs and uses energy to process, digest and feed our organs, but it is always a good idea to burn a little bit extra (especially when wanting to lose weight, but that’s a topic for another day), not only is it good for your body and your possible goals you have, but staying active and going for quick walks ads so much benefit to mental health as well. It clears your mind completely and most of the time give you a new perspective of something.

With that being said,

Here are some of my top tips to smash your step goal every single day!

  • STEP NOTIFICATIONS: Set yourself reminders every half an hour to an hour to take a 5 min “step break”, just by walking around the office or going for quick walk or stroll outside will make a huge difference.
  • PARKING: When you go the shops or gym, park at the furthest end, this will insure a lot more steps (trust me).
  • COOL DOWN WALKS: If you are not into cardio and your preference is weight training (which is also my preference), it is also a good idea to go for a cool down walk. Sometimes I do it on the treadmill at the gym and on other days I go for a late afternoon walk with my husband (then I get Some quality time in – BONUS!)
  • GET CREATIVE: I remember when I was still a high school teacher, I used to take all the longer routes to getting where I wanted to go. Always walking around a building or two to go the admin office or tuck shop. Your possibilities are endless, get creative!

Happy stepping!